Renew Your Driving Licence

Renewing your driving licence on time is important if you don’t want to be fined with hefty charges. You must renew your driving licence once every 10 years. Your renewed driving licence will be valid from the date of the approval of your application to the next 10 years.


  • Driving Licence
  • Addresses And Postcodes For The Past 3 Years
  • National Insurance Number And Passport Number
  • An Authorized Form Of Payment
  • A Resident Of Great Britain
  • Not Banned From Driving 

Time Taken

We will try our best to replace your driving licence on time. However, due to COVID- 19, there may be delays in processing your licence.


  • We care about your privacy hence no personal data will be shared with a third party. 
  • Your data will be deleted as soon as the process is completed. 
  • Your data is secure with us. 
  • We use security standards and practices to uphold the security of your data 
  • Your data is managed per our privacy policy.

What we Offer

  • A user-friendly licence renewal process Minimum delay and error-free service
  • We can change the address on your driving licence, for which we will charge the administrative services.
  • Driving licence renewal
  • Licence Replacement
  • Paper driving licence exchange with photocard licence 
  • Licence renewal if you are above 70 years of age

Changing your driving licence online can be hectic however, bookmytests is here to help you with the process. We collect the required information and complete the changes in a hassle-free manner for you. 

The Process

  • We collect your information and carry out the process on your behalf.
  • Your personal information is used only to process the requested changes and thereafter deleted security from our system.
  • Your payment is held with us as a pending charge which is processed successfully only after the completion of the process.
  • If by any chance we can not complete the process then the pending payment is canceled immediately. 
  • We comply sincerely with the Data Protection Act. 

We are a third-party service provider not connect to DVLA or GoV.UK in any way. We process driving licences from the former on your behalf. The payment will be held by us as pending payment until the process is completed successfully. In case of any inability to complete the process, your payment will be transferred back to you successfully.