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Theoretical and practical driving tests are the two types of tests you need to pass to get a driver’s license in the Uk.

You can book the practical driving test for:

Lorries, buses, and coaches
Approved driving instructor (ADI) part 2 and 3 tests

Types of Driving Tests

1. Practical Driving Test

A practical driving test assesses your ability to drive safely and independently on a variety of roads and in traffic conditions. It also ensures that have a good knowledge of the Highway Code.

What Do You Need to Take The Practical Driving Test?

On the day of the test make sure you take the following documents along:

Provisional driving license
Theory test pass certificate
A car if you have one.

2. Theory Driving Test

The Theory Test is made up of two individual tests that must be taken on the same day. The first is a multiple-choice test, while the second is a Hazard Perception Test.
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The simplest way to book a driving test is to do it online. You do not need to wait. It is faster than booking the test via. phone or any other way.

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