Driving Licence

Here is the one-stop solution for all your license requirements in the UK. 

Bookyourtests is here to serve you better in a hassle-free manner because we know how hectic it can get to get, renew or change a license.

Provisional License

A provisional driving license is a must for you if you are in a learning stage.


It gives you permission to drive on the roads of the UK under the supervision of a driving instructor or anyone over the age of 21 holding a full driver’s license for at least three years. You require the license if you wish to appear for the driving theory and the practical driving test. 

Driving License Renewal

Driving licence renewal every 10 years is a must in the UK. Using the same licence for more than 10 years can draw hefty charges from the government. To be on the safer side get your licence renewed before the expiry date. If you don’t know how to get your licence renewed then you have us. Contact bookyoutests for a hassle-free renewal process.

Driving Licence Replacement

Replacing a lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed driving licecse in the UK is easy.

All you need to do is contact us and follow a simple procedure to get your license replaced on time. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the replacement process might take a bit longer than expected time. 

Change the Address

Using the same old address on your driving licence might get you into trouble. Change the old address on your driving licence immediately by applying online. However, there is something that you must know, i.e. you can still drive while your licence is still under process. 

Bookyourtests is here to assist you.if you have any querry or licence-related requirements in the UK.