ECS Health & Safety Assessments

ECS stands for the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme – it’s a partner of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), so anyone in an electrotechnical-related occupation who’s told ‘you need a CSCS card’ – the ECS scheme is the one to apply for. 

There are several card types available. If you are qualified to NVQ level 3 in a relevant occupation, you can obtain a gold or platinum card at the same cost. Whatever stage of career you are at whether trainee or site manager there is a card type for you.

ECS stands for Electrotechnical Certification Scheme and is the only card scheme that is recognised and endorsed by the electrotechnical industry. The ECS Card scheme runs across the entire UK – England, Wales and Northern Ireland, however there is a separate application for those in Scotland.

How To Book ECS Health and Safety Test?

Before you can obtain the ECS Card, you may need to sit and pass the ECS Health and Safety Test at an additional cost. The idea behind this test is to minimise unsafe working practices, and improve safety and quality of work. The test also ensures that everyone working on site has the appropriate health and safety knowledge.

There are several qualifications which are exempt from taking the ECS Health and Safety test so it is worth checking to see if it is necessary before booking the test. It is also worth noting that Apprentices are exempt and can obtain a card on completion of the Apprentice application form.

How to apply ECS Card Online?

To ensure the correct ECS Cards Documentation is enclosed with your application, BookYourTests highly recommend you read the guidance notes before completing the application form. Book Your Official ECS Card With Us. Our ECS Card Expert will process your application with ECS Directly with all required information. You will get Your ECS Card Quickly.

  • A passport sized photograph – which needs to be endorsed by a relevant person
  • Photocopies of relevant certificates, qualifications, references
  • ECS Health and Safety Test Certificate
  • The relevant fee

Difference between a CSCS card and an ECS Card

ECS card that would be required for electrical work. CSCS cards are used for Construction related jobs and is proof that individuals can work safely on site, however there are a number of cards that are affiliated to CSCS but are a different type of card. This is because there may be workers with different occupations on site at any given time and they need to have the relevant qualifications and the card helps differentiate between them and increase health and safety in the workplace.

Can I do my ECS test online?

The ECS Remote Invigilation service allows MyECS account holders to take a formal ECS assessment online via remote invigilation without having to travel to an assessment centre. Automated online monitoring software uses artificial intelligence to verify the identity of the person taking the assessment and then constantly monitor them while they take the test. If used correctly the ECS assessment remote invigilation service provides a flexible and cost-effective way for delegates to be able to take online assessments.