Everything You Need To Know About Speed Awareness Course

Did you know that a Speed Awareness course can be an alternative to penalty points and a fine : Our comprehensive guide will provide you all the necessary information about the Speed Awareness Course.

Speeding is a growing concern in the UK, with a notable 43% surge in speeding convictions over the past five years. For many motorists apprehended for speeding, authorities often offer them the option of attending a speed awareness course as an alternative to speeding penalties for receiving fines and licence points. However, some drivers may wonder about the impact of attending such courses on their insurance validity.

By enrolling in a national speed awareness course online, you can diminish the likelihood of repeating speeding offences in the future. These awareness courses serve as an educational platform, enlightening participants about the potential consequences and hazards associated with speeding. This UK speed awareness course aim is to increase your awareness through this online course that there are risks involved, ultimately fostering a sense of responsibility towards safer driving practices.

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What are Consequences of Speeding

The consequences of speeding vary based on how much over the speed limit a driver was going.

  • At the very least, a speeding driver will face a £100 fine and receive three points on their licence, which will stay on their record for a minimum of four years.
  • Accumulating 12 or more penalty points leads to disqualification. For newly licensed drivers, acquiring just six points within their first two years of driving will result in licence revocation.

Hence, For National speed awareness course it is crucial for motorists to be aware of the potential course provider of  speeding and to prioritise responsible driving to maintain a clean driving record and ensure insurance coverage remains valid.

The speed awareness course is not for everyone, to be eligible for this course you must met with the following conditions :

  • It’s your first speeding offence or first in the last three years, that you are not caught by the police.
  • At the time of speeding offence, you had not committed with the other offence 
  • The course speed limitation for 10% of the posted speed plus 2 mph and 10% plus 9 mph.

Speed Limit

30 mph

40 mph

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

Minimum Eligible Speed

35 mph 

46 mph

57 mph

68 mph

79 mph

Maximum Eligible Speed

42 mph

53 mph

64 mph

75 mph

86 mph


What are the speeding guidelines for speeding fines?

A guideline for the speeding fine is shown in the table below :

Speed Limit (mph)

Band A Recorded Speed (mph)

Band B Recorded Speed (mph)

Band C Recorded Speed (mph)

























Points or disqualification awarded

3 points

4-6 points (licence), 7-28 days (disqualification)

6 points(licence),7-56 days (disqualification)

Fined relevant weekly income

Fined 50 % of relevant weekly income

Fined 100% of relevant weekly income

Fined 150% of relevant weekly income

Note that : 1 mph over the speed limit will break the rule so, don’t take the risk.

What Can I Expect From a Speed Awareness Course?

In this national speed awareness online course you will likely to learn about : 

  • How to identify speed limits
  • How to avoid speed limits
  • How much danger speeding limits
  • What will be the set limit for speeding vehicles
  • By this course you will be able to refresh your skills and knowledge and also know about the importance of speed courses in the UK.

What will happen, If i fail the test?

A speed awareness course does not have a test,so this is not required to pass or fail the test, but make sure you must be present in all sessions and complete all of your paperwork and also provide your positive contribution during the sessions.